P is for #Park (i.e. Subaru)

A-Z-KOT-phone-PKenyans on Twitter use the phrase #Park is used in a sentence as a reference to a car and specifically one by Japanese car manufacturer Subaru. Known for their success in rallying globally and high performance and racing, Kenyans on Twitter use Subaru thanks to its abbreviation sub (pronounced soob). Various phrases to do with cars can be used to refer to subtweets. , at times including pictures attached to tweets, especially Subarus.

The phrase originates from subtweet which is a tweet mentioning a Twitter user without using their actual username resulting in it going unnoticed to them. Subtweets are usually used for negative or insulting tweets; the person being mentioned won’t ordinarily even see the subtweet. Sometimes when Kenyans on Twitter notice what appears as a subtweet, even without knowing who it is directed to they will react. Reactions could include a phrase e.g. vroom! added to the tweet or a reply saying park that subaru right there, or even just quote a tweet while adding an image of a Subaru vehicle to express their recognition of a subtweet. At times, once a member of KOT spots a Subaru they’ll copy the suspected victim of the subtweet into the tweet just to see the ensuing conflict or conversation.