F is for #Feminism

A-Z-KOT-phone-FThe new ‘F’ Word – Feminism – in Kenya is one that will guarantee reactions from Kenyans on Twitter. Whether they support it or are against it, whether they understand or are blinded by misconceptions of what it is or isn’t, very few manage to remain neutral when feminism is discussed.

Awareness and discussions on feminism have become more common in the last two years and any discussion creates opposing sides. ‘The Feminists’ would be anyone challenging patriarchy, pursuing and sustaining a conversation around issues affecting women, while the detractors are those who feel that any discussion on women issues is an ill-advised feminist agenda. These arguments often get heated and have even lasted for days (beyond the ephemeral trending conversation).

It has now become common to see mocking comments like “Feminists wamesema?” (What have the feminists said?) if an issue on women comes up. Some might argue, the term Feminist has even become a derogatory word among Kenyans on Twitter.