A is for Aromat®



Aromat®, a condiment from Unilever, embarked on a campaign in 2014 that claimed to enhance the flavour of meal. The campaign featured the catchphrase “…but with Aromat…” to show the difference it made to everyday meals. Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) took this to the next level by using the hashtag #ButWithAromat to humorously show how the condiment was transformative in unimaginable ways.

For example, it was portrayed as though it could turn dark-skinned Kenyans into a fairer complexion. Complexion is a common theme among #KOT with the hashtags on habits and personalities of #lightskins and #darkskins often mentioned. Another example would be that it could turn a measly salary of coins into a fistful of crisp notes. The phrase took off and Aromat® can even be seen to comically attributed as the secret behind transformations of success in the case of before-and-after pictures of celebrities in years past and present.