Z is for #ZeroChills

A-Z-KOT-phone-ZTo have ‘chills’ is to know when to exercise social restraint in a bad or unfavourable situation; to know when not to kick a man when he’s down. Therefore, to exhibit #ZeroChills on Twitter is seen when a post or update shows no remorse whatsoever for the subject. It is often an attack that is seen to go beyond what is socially acceptable. When deemed to be harsh (often in humour or being curt and direct) one can say they’ve got negative chills or a complete lack of them.

A tweet or update on digital media update that has Zero Chills as a response to a tragic and unfortunate situation or come unexpected and be just as brutal or unfortunate in and of itself. Especially in situations where insult is added to injury, Zero Chills is the call of the innocent bystander to share their bemusement and is used often when sarcasm and wit are taken to deep and much harsher levels, at times more than necessary or expected.