R is for #Rongai

A-Z-KOT-phone-ROngata Rongai is a settlement and suburb in Kajiado County also known as Rongai or Rongaa for short. The butt of many a joke online, Kenyans on Twitter often associate Rongai with being out of reach and out of touch. Sometimes it is referred to as ‘diaspora’ thanks to the distance from Nairobi County and talk of using passports to travel there being joked about. Rongai’s traffic jams and high public transport fares have seen it stay notorious online despite a growing population in the suburb. Prior to the roads improving and being expanded, there was the association with wildlife (part of the route to Rongai involves passing beside the Nairobi National Park) and in Kenya’s general election of March 2013, jokes involving delayed results or Rongai as its own sovereign county were common.