K is for @KenyaPower

A-Z-KOT-phone-KTo be on Twitter, if you’re one of the estimated 93% using Twitter on mobile, you need a phone, be it basic, a feature phone or a smartphone. In the age of smartphones and waning battery life, few things are as important as electricity. @KenyaPower finds itself in an often tough position. The former government parastatal is now one of the country’s most noticeable consumer-facing brands. However, facing challenges around fulfilment of consumer and brand promises remains and especially in the digital age. Unexpected cuts, extended blackouts and any issues to do with electricity are quickly flagged by Kenyans on Twitter. A flood of messages, queries and complaints often follows. As a number of KOT don’t buy newspapers to check for advertisements to give notice of maintenance and issues, the @KenyaPower account often alerts them online and on Twitter, helping to troubleshoot.