About Us



We choose to be the scribes of our digital generation

when moments of context and culture are few and far between

the continuous streams of content and conversation.


We aim to present a mirror

One that reflects the characters, caricatures and citizens

of African Twitter societies and reflecs that, if for a fleeting moment.


For as Chinua Achebe once said

People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories.

We choose to be scribes of our digital generation.


Here’s to moments of reflection and the people they reflect.



    Nendo Ventures launched The A-to-Z of African Twitter in October 2014. Brought about by a Pan African need for depth and understanding of African digital society and culture. The concept and collaborators for this and future publications will travel far and wide across Africa, the diaspora and the globe. The A-to-Z format highlights moments of context and insight amidst the torrential stream of news, updates and content generated by the connected African continent.
    Future publications for Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are set for 2015. Partnerships shall be announced in due course. Nendo continues to seek collaborators and partners to bring the A-to-Z format to these and other countries; get in touch at hello@nendo.co.ke.

    Special Thanks

    Thank you to @CrazyNairobian & @Droid254 for their contributions early on while the concept came to life. Thank you to @BeLoveCollect for leading on fantastic designs, illustration and visuals; love all along the way. Thank you to @TedKenya for the spectacular film work. My heartfelt gratitude to @Aaron26585 & @TrevorMwangi for the day-to-day support. Thank you to @RoyKing_ for being a sounding board. Thanks as always to @RogerInc; web and internet genie, friend and my right hand.